Artists in the sale of his painting work is obligated to understand buyers temperament, grade and how they get their money

02/03/2017 00:23

Artists in the sale of his painting work is obligated to understand buyers temperament, grade and how they get their money? But recently American artist Richard prince in a paradoxical way moral anxiety in the face of their own.
The US President's daughter Ivanka Trump Trump (Ivanka Trump) is the oil painting art collection of fan, she often in the social accounts (sets) to upload the artwork to show off the art collection, including Richard prince. But after the us election, artist but regret to sell their work to trump the family.
When trump held inauguration, Richard prince claimed he sold ivanka work is "fake", and already refund ivanka entrust his art of $36000. Release and imitate the tone of trump social network, said: "this is not my work, I don't have to make this work. I deny that I was withdrawn. This is a fake!"
In order to fully understand Richard prince ironic protests, we might as well look at the "artist" :
Trump built in Manhattan in The early 1980 s, publishing his building boasts about his "The Art of trading" (The Art of The Deal), when The prince is famous New York Art world with The attitude of aggressor. His eponymous postmodernism "appropriation of art", readily directly borrow advertising image and reshape the art for oneself, one of the most notorious he's "cowboy" untitled "photos. The prince's early works simply from taking a picture of a tobacco advertising in the magazine, then to be your own work.
So prince called ivanka collection of his work as "fake", more like a self-mockery, because prince's work itself is not the original, although prince often eloquence flood, defend the plagiarism said to himself, his creation of the "image of the image", is a lie to advertising. But his work still had been accused of alleged plagiarism, as recently as a photographer, complaints in the photographs of them release was prince "to" into works of art. As a matter of fact, "shooting" by prince Ivan card photo of them release the portraits of the same oil painting reproductions to others as the foundation, with the complaints of other photographers works belong to the same series. Prince grabbed a Ivan card issued on them in the mirror of self-time, on this basis, to make a painting, including reducing the details including following comments and emoticons. While Ivan card at the edge of the prince's works have left a piece of the fork wear a waist, thinking about take photo.
This event is the fun of "postmodernism", but now the hand painted oil painting prince to choose to launch the game, and that his work is not completed by Richard prince on real significance.
When more and more people are eager to get political returns when the prince with a form of grandstanding on the regime trump, he said in the build of the "game" their work is "fake", and "said the poor lies.
In trump age is coming, the relationship between New York art world and trump shows not only in the event of the prince, but the picture is highlighted the problem of moral conspiracy. If it's not this way of "postmodern" prince, relativism artists should be how to express their point of view?
Published in 1987, "the art of trading," quoted the godfather of contemporary art, Andy warhol praised "commercial art". In the other a bestseller, trump has also praised a had to show him how to quickly complete the works of art New York artist. In the eyes of the trump, the art is to earn a quick buck. Maybe he is not wrong, prince, Jeff koons and a group of their followers, with the production methods of rapid real-time show we are in an era of want to turn art into money is how easy. Only old-fashioned conservative artist ill-timed crying in today's art all sorts of unreasonable.
If art can be an ironic image of the game, then politics is not a cynical pop performance? If, for prince ivanka trump made work is art a little joke, then Donald trump definition of art is art in the world more jokes.
To steal other people's ideas, the flow of a prince and boasts such as trump investors to help them to understand art won a huge life beyond imagination. And similar to the prince, Jeff koons and that is famous for its do furry sculpture of Paul McCarthy (Paul McCarthy), they are the warhol about money and fame fantasy to a new vision

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